Face-to-face relationships through Hirelite and Ohours

We're thrilled to announce that Hirelite has acquired Ohours to foster face-to-face relationships both in person and by video chat. Along with the acquisition, we've released an enhanced user interface on Ohours and will release more exciting improvements soon.

Our vision at Hirelite has always been to connect people for one-on-one, face-to-face conversations - no middlemen required. Until now, Hirelite has helped companies and software engineers connect directly for interviews via speed interviewing events, primarily over video chat (often facilitating hundreds of interviews per event).

Ohours gives us the chance to push beyond hiring and create a broader community of people connecting directly. We'll help people share their expertise and interests without the awkwardness of wandering around "networking" events. 

What's happening to the Hirelite and Ohours services?

You will be able to use both Hirelite and Ohours as you have in the past. Over time, you'll see some of Hirelite's screening and hiring related features in Ohours, and some of Ohours's flexible, less event-focused features in Hirelite.