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Inspired by a previous post on the locations of the July "Who is hiring" thread on Hacker News, I wrote a script to pull down all the who's hiring threads and display trends of requested languages, frameworks, data management, and mobile operations [1,2,3].

Let me know if you see any languages, frameworks, data, etc missing, and I'll try to post an update soon. 

Language Requests Over Time larger graph


Framework Requests Over Time larger graph


Data Management Requests Over Time - larger graph


Mobile Requests Over Time larger graph


About Hirelite

If you’re thinking about switching jobs, but don’t want to do a time consuming job search, you can interview 20 companies for 5 minutes each over video chat on Tuesday and Wednesday through Hirelite.com (many of the companies are mentioned in the Who's Hiring thread).


[1] You can find the code used to download and parse the data on GitHub (the raw data is also here too). To embed the graphs I'm using Google Fusion Tables.

[2] I only used the highest voted thread per month and excluded the remote, language, career, intern/student, or otherwise more specific threads. Additionally, there are a few months I wasn't able to track down. If you happen to run across them, I'll include them here. The threads were a bit of trouble to track down, so I'm going to list them here for future reference:

[3] The request frequency on the y-axis was calculated by finding the number of occurences within all the comments on a Who's Hiring page (ex: some comments many mention Ruby twice and that is counted two times). Additionally, Some terms were merged to correspond to common usage:

  • javascript & js
  • node & node.js
  • mongo & mongodb
  • objective-c & obj-c
  • postgres & postgresql

Please let me know if you see any I missed.

10 responses
the graphs are incomprehensible, can you present a higher resolution or less data
@lkjh - Thanks for letting me know. I'll try to post simplified graphs in a few hours.
Posting a csv or Excel file for download would be great too
@bpiel - https://github.com/nahurst/hn_jobs/blob/master/hn_data.csv (I'll likely update it this afternoon though to merge a few more terms)

@lkjh - beside each graph heading, I posted a link to a higher res graph.

It would be great if the keys were sorted by the average value of their respective series.
Something seems fishy enough in the March 2011 numbers for me to think it's a bug
@John - good point. I'll try to do that in an update soon.

@etrain - The March thread had significantly fewer comments for some reason http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2270790 and I think that's what's causing the drop off.

Clicking on the legend boxes should hilte the appropriate line.. otherwise, impossible to correlate.
Framework data - missing Yii
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