Thanks HN: Developers and YC companies video speed interview for free 1/11

From advice to traffic to introductions, Hacker News has been immensely helpful for Hirelite this past year in our mission to put headhunters out of business. Now, Hirelite has reached a point where it can give back.

On Tuesday 1/11 at 7pm PST, Hirelite is hosting its first web event focused on SF Bay/Silicon Valley jobs for back-end and generalist developers. You'll speak with either 20 job seekers or 20 companies for 5 minutes each over video chat. At the end of each conversation, if both sides wish to follow up, Hirelite will send you each other's contact information (this generally happens in about 1/3 of all conversations).

The event is always free for job seekers (job seekers can sign up here), and to show our gratitude to Hacker News, we're offering Y Combinator companies free admission also (just sign up here, fill in a job description, and shoot an email).

If you can't make it, feel free to reach out directly to any of the companies participating in our SF event, our NYC event, or our previous events.
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Guys, this whole video speed interview thing is a killer idea. I might even put it in my top 10 of 2010. Whitelabel this up quickly, get it in front of every HR manager from SF to Toronto and bust it out. If you don't have it already, add a record button too - big companies like to pre-screen potential candidates and this could be killer from both the perspective of them and job seekers who are sick of wasting time.
@RobIsIT - Thanks for the kind words. We're definitely considering white-labeling. One issue we're seeing consistently is that, at least for development jobs, companies are having a much harder time sourcing candidates than screening them. As we move in to other career areas, that will likely change.

How is the demand for software jobs in Toronto?

As is often the problem with HN stories, you have two similar comment threads running. Here are my other comments:

Regarding sourcing candidates - yes! I completely understand that's a big problem. However, the problem is in the current process, not in the candidates. It takes countless hours to customize a resume / cover letter, sign up to the (9 times out of 10) unique HR service, etc - all to hope for the best. It's very demoralizing for job seekers and something that with anyone I have hired, have worked to avoid.

I'd stick to what you know - this product. Don't get caught up in the other problems (for now) that exist in the job hunting market.

I imagine your whitelabel system being a simple drop in addition or replacement to a careers page or job listing. In the role of a job hunter, if I could quickly (oAuth, FB, whatever) login, schedule a "10 minute interview" at some point in the future and receive a date and time back... well, that's some pretty powerful stuff right there for both the interviewer and the interviewee. Toss in a way to "instantly reject" an appointment based on their resume, etc and you've got yourself a whitelabel powerhouse.

Thanks Rob. Those are some great tips!
This is a pretty neat service, although something tells me that the companies participating would not be interested in the geographical limitations that would come with my services (aka I'm unable to move to Boston or NYC.)
Thanks Chris. We're thinking about hosting an event focused on remote jobs in the future. Would that be of interest? Do you see many companies comfortable with remote developers?